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Build your stack, your way

The PACKOUT™ Modular Storage System is a fully compatible and customisable range of storage solutions that have revolutionised how tradespeople transport, organise and store tools and equipment.

From durable storage units to toolboxes and totes, there’s a ton of heavy duty options you can add to your PACKOUT™.

Fully Customise Your Storage

Quick and intuitive stack, swap and interlock in any configuration you need.

Easy Portability

PACKOUT™ is designed to be transported across job sites, workshops and into vehicles.

Protected From Wear and Tear

Components that feature impact resistant polymer construction and an IP65-rating help prevent damage from heavy duty work.

Secure and Sturdy Organisation

Interconnected PACKOUT™ components for rolling or wall-mounted storage easily and steadily locks together.

PACKOUT™ Mounting Solutions
Customise your storage layout in vehicles and workshops with our range of mounting plates, hooks, racks and holders